Thursday, October 20, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Attacked.


PAPA,do people know what Spiritual warfare is ??? Why is nobody talking about this ??? This is a real war.Spiritual and natural.This is a warning to everyone,all of this has happened to me.HOLY SPIRIT I give YOU every right to tell people if I am lying,thank YOU my blue fire of love.Have you ever had something throw a bird in your car on the way to Church ??? Have you ever had a demon wake you up and ask if it can go down on you ???Have you ever had a bunch on things graping on your penis ??? A couple of times ??? Have you ever shown up at work and 30-40 black birds,ravens land in front of you and just stare at you,not making any noise or eating worms,just staring ??? Have you ever had people show up at your work with messages from GOD and they were NOT from GOD,warnings.Have you ever been woke up with a black cloud{demon} hovering over your bed ??? Have you ever had a snake fall from your ceiling ??? Have you ever had a snake taping at your window ??? Have you ever had a spider thrown in your face while you were sleeping ??? Have you ever had a lying spirit come at you and say JESUS IS LORD,then proceed to cuss the crap out of you,blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT,how about everyday for one year and ten months,24/7.Have you ever had a evil spirit approach and say they were Mary,three times and after rebuking it the third time it cuss the crap out of you ??? Have you ever been slapped at ,poked at,your name whispered and spoken out loud.Has your desk ever been moved,a desk that must humans can' even lift ??? Have you ever had something push you in a dream and you feel it in the natural,almost shoved out of bed ??? Have you ever been tempted by things beyond normal temptation ??? Time and time again ??? Have you ever been woke up by something with claws on your face ??? Have you ever been sitting there and your shadow gets up and walks away ??? Have you ever woke up and something is preaching evil over you ??? Have you ever been asked to be a willing vessal ??? Have you ever seen shadows in human form standing there and then disappear ??? Have you ever been on your computer and seen a demon just floating there ??? Have you ever been sitting at your desk and look up and there is a demon standing there ??? and again ??? and again ??? etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc..............Have you ever been stabbed in the heart with something spiritual where you thought you would die ??? Have you ever been stabbed in the back by something while you where working ??? Have you ever had a spiritual corkscrew,get drilled in your head ??? At least one hundred times ??? Have you ever had someone tell you that they saw man=demon following me around a vacant building ??? Have you ever been in the backseat of your car and see a man=demon at the wheel,talking to you ??? Have you ever been hit so hard in the back of the head that you move about two feet ??? Have you ever seen demons in there human form ??? At least six times ???etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc....This is not all of it but enough for now.................. Christians,this is a warning of love.If you have something hidden,that you do not want people to know,talk to PAPA GOD about it and HE will tell you when to get it out.Everything you have ever done,anything embarrassing or something that can be used against you will be.The evil-one knows.PAPA has already told me that many people will fall because of what they have done or are doing.STOP doing it and get it out.If you are scared I will send you my life,a testamony,I will also pray for you.We are not ready for real spiritual warfare,we are not ready for real temptation.Read revelation.Remember,PAPA GOD loves you,in any condition,and HE already knows.PAPA GOD LOVES YOU.I LOVE YOU.I speak peace,courage,strength,love,JESUS and truth into whoever reads this.REMEMBER ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD LOVES YOU !!!!!!!!! Love never fails...........Praise the LORD !!!!!!!! I pray this in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,SON of GOD !!!!!!!!!! Praise GOD !!!!! Glory be to JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!

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