Saturday, October 29, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Killing fields.


Thank YOU PAPA for hearing my cry !!!!!!!! Use me PAPA !!!!!!! Grow me PAPA !!!!!! Thank YOU,thank YOU,thank YOU !!!!!! Send me out PAPA,thank YOU.PAPA,YOU have seen my tears of the heart and eyes.......YOU hear the cry of the ones who didn't make it !!!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! No more in JESUS name !!!!! PAPA people are being mislead !!!!!! People are hurting for love !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! People are mean and rude,but they can't help it !!!!! PAPA,they do not know who they are !!!!!! They do not know their value as children of GOD !!!!!!!!!! They are angry and do not know why !!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!!!! Hear my cry,USE ME !!!!!!!!! I'll go !!!!!! Send me........please !!!!!! I need this PAPA !!!!!!!! More for JESUS !!!!!!! More for LOVE and TRUTH !!!!!!!! More for YOUR glory !!!!!! More to say JESUS is LORD,NOW !!!!!!!! Before it is to late............ PAPA,more for the right hand,the line for the sheep !!!!!!! More for JESUS !!!!!!!! More for YOUR SON !!!!!!!! More for my LORD !!!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! I know YOU love them !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!   I love them !!!!!! Send me.........please !!!!! I need this !!!!! PAPA their hurt is hurting me !!! PAPA !!!!!!!! They do not understand YOU and YOUR LOVE for them !!!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! They need the TRUTH of YOU !!!!!! They need revelation of YOU !!!!! They need TRUE love !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! No more PAPA !!!!! No more,in JESUS name !!!!!!! PAPA,remember YOUR SON,HE died for these mislead and lied to folk !!!!!!! Remember PAPA,what JESUS went through,YOUR SON !!!!!!! The blood hitting the ground,running down HIS body,mixed with HIS sweat and tears !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! Use me !!!!!! I'LL GO !!!!!!! I need to is is people getting eaten up by wolves and they do not even know it !!!!!!! It is not their fault !!!!!!! The wolves are teaching them wrong,leading into the killing fields !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!! They wolves know it !!!!!!!! PAPA !!! They are Shepherds/wolves who do not read YOUR word !!!!!!! They have got to know it !!!!!! PAPA for loves sake !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! For JESUS sake !!!!!!!!! PAPA !!! For YOUR sake !!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!!!! For their sake !!!!!!! No JESUS name !!!!!! JESUS is LORD of all !!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! I know these people love YOU !!!!!! They do not understand !!!!!! They have been mislead and lied to for at least a thousand  YEARS !!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! How many have faced in the heavens,YOU knowing they loved YOU,but their Shepherds/wolves lied to them ??? Millions PAPA !!!!!! NO MORE !!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!  I will step in the gap for these folk !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! JESUS did it for me !!!! PAPA !!!! YOUR SON died for me !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! PAPA !!!! When I cried out YOU heard !!!!!!! Hear me now !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!!! USE ME !!!!!! GROW ME !!!!!! PRUNE ME !!!!!!!! SHAPE ME !!!!!!! MOLD ME !!!!! SEND ME !!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! I was a worm of the world and YOUR love turned me into a butterfly !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! IT is TIME !!!!! PAPA !!!!!!! NOW TURN ME INTO A EAGLE SO I CAN FLY INTO THE WILDERNESS OF STORMS WITH THE WAR CRY OF JESUS SCREAMED IN ATTACK MODE !!!!!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!!!! THEY ARE DIEING...........TWICE !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! YOU SEE THEM !!!!!!! THEY ARE WALKING DEAD !!!!!!! PAPA !!!!!! UNTIL THEY KNOW YOU IT IS WRONG...............they are dying.Please...........send me.Thank YOU for answering this prayer quickly.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a trillion times.I cry out for justice for the mislead ones..........the ones in the killing fields.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it,who wants to be used with the strength,courage,loyalty,love,confidence,fearlessness and speed of a bald eagle.Thank YOU PAPA !!!!!!!!! I pray in the name of names LORD JESUS CHRIST who is worthy of more...........JESUS is the SON of the MOST HIGH GOD.JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!! Thank you............PAPA.Praise PAPA !!!!! I LOVE YOU PAPA !!!!!!! Praise GOD !!!!!!

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