Saturday, October 22, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Love {8}.


Hallellujah PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!!! Hallellujha,Hallellujah,Hallellujah,praise the LORD !!!! All glory,love and praise to LORD JESUS CHRIST.The SON of the MOST HIGH GOD,that would be ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD who is the MOST HIGH GOD !!!! Worthy of time,worthy of devotion.Praise PAPA GOD !!!! Thank YOU for knowing everything,for seeing everything,for speaking to us.Thank YOU for creating us an making us my awesome MAKER and CREATOR.Thank YOU JESUS for YOUR walk and talk,for living the life YOU did.Thank YOU for teaching us by example and for the blood YOU shed for everyone,leaving out no one.Thank YOU for YOUR obedience and willingness to do what PAPA wanted YOU to do,to lay down YOU will and life to PAPA.That is indescribable.Increase our love for YOU and our neighbor,thank YOU.Increase our desire to study YOU and YOUR life,thank YOU.Increase our need to study YOUR word and to share it with people,to share it with YOU,thank YOU.Increase our passion for YOU,to think about YOU and talk to YOU all of the time,thank YOU.To take everything to YOU.Increase our devotion for YOU,thank YOU.More LOVE,and more,and more,and more,and more LOVE,thank YOU.My FRIEND,my GOD,my JESUS,we need more love,fill us up,every pore,every crack.Soften our hearts more,fill them up to overflowing and then some more so people get intoxicated with the fragrance of YOUR love,thank YOU.Shine us up with the kiss's from YOUR lips.Hug us tight with YOUR arms.Burn us up and fire us up with a never ending zeal for YOU,LORD JESUS CHRIST.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for being so awesome,for teaching and guiding us.Thank YOU for uploading into us our instructions for the day.YOU are so worthy,my beloved HOLY SPIRIT.The great I AM,teach us more about how awesome YOU are,thank YOU.Thank YOU PAPA GOD,PAPA LOVE,PAPA GLORY for increasing the LOVE for all helpmates,show them the love when they hold hands,look in each others eyes.Let them feel each others hearts when they hug.Teach them to kiss with their eyes,words,and hands.Thank YOU PAPA LOVE for increasing every ones love and then some more please,thank YOU.I LOVE YOU PAPA !!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS !!!! I LOVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT !!!! Thank YOU for the three being one,my amazing GOD.Thank YOU for increasing the love between Pastor's and their flocks and flocks and Pastor's.Thank YOU for increasing the love between parents and their children,and then more please,thank YOU.Thank YOU for increasing the time families can spend together in love,more picnics,walks,talks and drives.Thank YOU for showing them YOUR beauty when they do,move the winds,birds,ducks,deer,everything.YOU are the CONTROLLER of LOVE.Thank YOU for a fresh rain of RIGHTEOUSNESS and LOVE pouring on all of us.Thank YOU for increasing our love to read,pray,worship YOU,PAPA LOVE.More of everything to do with JESUS in twelve fold portions from today til eternity.One trillion seeds of JESUS in everyone,in every pore,thank YOU.More love and more and more,thank YOU.Thank YOU for more love of listening and obeying.Thank YOU for more love of encouraging and speaking love to people and ourselves.Thank YOU for giving us a heart for the unsaved and giving us the words of love to love them in to the kingdom of love.More PAPA,more love,do not stop,we need more love,the same love CHRIST had when HE walked this earth,thank YOU.Thank YOU for giving us words of love when we see a pregnant women to speak love to her and to her/YOUR child,to pray for them,to give words of encouragement,to speak JESUS into their lives.Thank YOU for giving us more love for everything positive,holy and pure.This is an echo prayer,eternal prayer.MORE LOVE everyday for everyone,TRUE LOVE.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer.I cry out for justice for more TRUE LOVE.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it with more love,more HOLY SPIRIT,more TRUTH.Thank YOU ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA LOVE for YOUR LOVE for us.I pray in JESUS name.JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!

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