Friday, October 28, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Praise PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!!!


My beautiful,all powerful PAPA GOD !!!!!! YOU are awesome !!!!!! I love to love YOU !!!!!! I need to LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!! I desire to love YOU !!!  I want to love YOU !!!!!!! I adore YOU !!!!!!!! I need more love for YOU what i have is not enough,thank YOU for filling me up with tons of love for YOU !!!!!!!!!! JESUS !!!!! My LORD JESUS !!!!!! My love JESUS !!!!!!! I worship YOU !!!!!!!! YOU are LORD !!!!!!!! YOU are a wonderful FRIEND !!!!!!!! My precious JESUS !!!!!!!! More of everything to do with JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!! More love for JESUS !!!!!!!! Fill me up to the brim and then keep pouring YOUR love on me so I wake up in a puddle of LOVE for JESUS !!!!!! A puddle of sweat and tears of love for YOU,my precious JESUS !!!!!! Make my heart beat faster when I hear YOUR name !!!!! Make me cry when I think about YOU,LORD JESUS !!!!!!!!! More love for JESUS,so much that where ever I walk who ever walks behind me feels my passion for YOU and whisper in their heart YOUR name and then kiss them.Send the loving chills of YOUR adoration for them up and down their body and they get lovesick for YOU my JUST ONE,my RIGHTEOUS ONE,my LION who I can cuddle with like a kitty cat and thank YOU for giving me natural and Spiritual ears to hear YOU purring for me.Thank YOU,for hugging me so tight that I hear my name in YOUR heart and hear,feel and can taste YOUR love for me.Thank YOU for infusing YOUR scent,YOUR fragrance all over me so when times get tough all I have to do is breath and I can be consumed and remember YOUR love for me !!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SPIRIT !!!!!!! YOU are the GREAT COMFORTER !!!!!!! I love YOU so much !!!!!! YOU guide me,so well,putting up with my child like stubbornness.Never complaining to me but loving me.Thank YOU my LOVE,YOU are a GREAT I AM !!!!!!!! YOU are everything and then more !!!!!!! I need more of YOU !!!!!!!! Thank YOU for supply my craving and passion for YOU and camping YOUR cloud of GLORY all over me !!!!! Rain on me with YOUR love !!!! Soak me in YOUR passion for me !!!!! Increase my passion for YOU !!!!!!!! Thank YOU for making it possible for us to dance like lovers forever !!!!!!!!! Praise PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!!! Praise LORD JESUS !!!!!!!!! Praise the HOLY SPIRIT !!!!!!!!!!! Praise GOD !!!!!!!!!!! Increase our LOVE for YOU and our neighbor in hundred fold portions from to day til eternity,thank YOU !!!!!!! I speak trillions of seeds of JESUS into every one.Thank YOU for pouring out YOUR living waters on all good seeds and giving Supernatural growth to them,wrap our roots around CHRIST,the ROOT and thank YOU for allowing us to drink on YOU my LOVE,my GOD,my JESUS !!!!!!!!! Increase our thirst for YOU,like a dying man in the desert seeing a giant river of LIFE of the LIVING WATERS of CHRIST !!!!! Thank YOU for giving us the pant of a deer when we hear YOUR name adorable JESUS !!!!!!! Thank YOU for giving the the thirsty a taste of the honey of YOUR word !!!!!!!!!!  Praise GOD !!!!! Glory be to JESUS !!!!!!!!!!! I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a trillion times.I cry out for justice for more TRUTH in everything !!!!!!!!! I come into agreement with everyone who prays this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it and everyone that doesn't know YOU with signs and wonders and miracles and the TRUTH of who YOU are !!!!!!!!! Praise PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!!! I pray in the name of the LION who roars HIS love for HIS lovers,HIS children,HIS friends,LORD JESUS CHRIST,SON of PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!! JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!! GLORY AND HONOR AND PRAISE AND LOVE AND TIME AND JOY FOR YOU MY GOD<YOU ARE SO WORTHY !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!! Praise GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

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