Sunday, October 30, 2011

[FamilyofGod] WE ARE NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!!


PAPA of TRUTH !!!!! JESUS,LORD of TRUTH !!! HOLY SPIRIT,SPIRIT of TRUTH !!! Thank YOU for giving us the TRUTH and agenda's of everything in this prayer and speaking to everyone if everything is TRUE in it.............Over one million Christians lived in Iraq in 1991,today fewer than 350,000 remain.We have Christian soldiers taking bullets for these folk,dying... "Democracy ???",yet there are less Christians now than before we went in Iraq...A U.S STATE department report,released last month,it was stated that there are no Christians Church's or schools left in Afghanistan....Why ??? When we have Christian soldiers all over the place ??? Christians and Hebrews in Islamic countries face two dismal fates..... "dhimmitude"...or death..why did our American,Christian president say JESUS is LORD,then personally put "dhimmitude" in the health care bill ??? 105,000 Christians are killed every year.......that means one Christan is killed every 5 minutes........why the silence ???............why do our leaders say nothing ???...........Egypt,Iraq and Afghanistan are prime offenders.......   In America Christians are being pushed aside by everyone,government,ACLU,schools,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc..........while everything and everybody is being protected....why ??? OUR LEADERS ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF EVERY ONE AND EVERY THING,EVERY WHERE...........and doing NOTHING about CHRISTIANS DYING..........or being smacked around in their own Country............WHY ????????????      WHY THE SILENCE  ?????   OUR president says JESUS is LORD...........why the silence ???????? The worst thing about this..........WHY IS THE CHURCH,THE BODY OF CHRIST BEING SILENT ?????????                 WE ARE NEXT !!!!!!!!!          I cry out for justice for the betrayed ones,the persecuted ones.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read,who speaks up with strength,courage,confidence,fearlessness,TRUTH and boldness.Thank YOU PAPA !!!!!!! I pray in JESUS name,SON of GOD !!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!! JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!!!

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