Thursday, October 27, 2011

Modern March | a Christian blog

Modern March | a Christian blog

Matt Chandler on the Explicit Gospel

Posted: 26 Oct 2011 08:47 AM PDT

“If you don’t make the Gospel explicit, if you don’t keep coming back to the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ for us, if you don’t keep coming back to the wrath absorbing cross for us, If you don’t keep coming back to the resurrection — listen, you need all three of those — if you don’t keep coming back to those things and you assume that’s some sort of kindergarten-level, entry-understanding Christianity; you are going to build out Moralistic Deism — do this, don’t do this — instead of preaching, “find your righteousness in Christ alone and approach the throne of grace with confidence.” But you’ve got to come back to it — over and over and over again.”

- Matt Chandler

Behavior modification does no good for anyone. We can conform people to a pattern of living – typically begrudgingly – but it won’t reach their hearts. The point of the Gospel is to transform hearts, not behavior. If the heart is changed, obedience to God is the natural outcome.

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