Saturday, October 29, 2011

RE: [FamilyofGod] Merciful Father


Praise God and amen!
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Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011 7:21:24 am
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Subject: [FamilyofGod] Merciful Father

Thank you, gracious heavenly father for touching each prayer request. I come
into agreement with your Spirit for each of them. Let the lost be found and the
sick be healed, set the captive free and mend the broken-hearted. In these hard
times, supply the needs of your children according to your riches and glory,
open doors and place them in careers where you wish them to serve you. Place
your warring angels about our troops and bring them home safe, father.

Let this be the acceptable year of the Lord! Restore families, marriages, jobs,
ministries, and bring households into your kingdoms....speak peace, be still to
the storms in their lives and let the glory go to your name.

Bring revival to this nation and help us to once more serve you with all our
hearts. Lord, bring my loved ones into your kingdom--do a work in their hearts,
open the eyes of their understanding and make them fruit that remains, and plant
them firmly into your loving will.

I praise you for your saving grace for Kenny's children, Jon, Jordan and Alison,
as well as for Alesha's daughter Aryn and Todd and Deidre's children, Loren and
Parker, and I thank you for the work
you will do to root and establish them in you and your ways and not the ways of
men or of religion! Bring alongside them Godly companions and friends to
encourage and help them walk in your ways
for all the days of their lives. Be their friend, Holy Spirit and guide and
direct them into all your truth and liberty. Grant each of them peace, and help
each one to succeed in life: to fulfill your destiny and purpose in life and to
walk with you in that destiny with joy and peace and contentment. Help them in
their schools and vocations to be what you want them to be. Thank you, Father.

I praise you for blessing my brother, Kenny, let no weapon forged against him or
his children, prosper ,and take that which was meant for evil and turn it for
their good and your glory! I ask you to open a door for Kenny and to supply all
his needs according to your riches: And I give you the glory.

I ask you to help Jon, Jordan and Alison guide and keep them from depression and
sorrow and to keep the enemy of our soul from having any ground in their lives.
Shield and shelter my loved ones; fill them
with your unspeakable joy, with faith, and the peace that passes all
understanding for your name's sake--do a work in their heart to live a Godly
life--to be righteous in your eyes and for their lives to produce fruits of your

I give you glory for strengthening and encouraging mom, for the comfort and love
with which you shelter, and heal her, Alesha, and Robin by your stripes.
Anoint the health care workers and use them an instruments of your healing for
them and help them with their financial worries�supply their needs exceedingly
beyond their hopes. Lift the burden and heal them for your glory!

Father, kindle love for me--fill my helpmate with so much love for you, me and
your will for our lives that she can't contain it; today bring her to my side,
refreshed, renewed, open the eyes of her
understanding, allow nothing to come between us and your will, and grant her the
wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding to accomplish more than what I've
asked or imagined for the both of
us. Guide her evaluations and decisions for what is best, and in your will. Heal
and speak 'peace be still' into her for the glory it brings to your name.

Let your word be a lamp unto her feet and a light unto her path--light the
direction you want her to take so clearly that she can't mistake it. Confirm
your word and will to her, Father. She is looking for a sign; please give her
one as big as a billboard and neon bright--end all doubt and confusion in this
for her. Speak into her heart, mind, body, spirit, soul, in her dreams, vision,
in ways I've not asked or imagined! Make it clear and give her the certainty and
courage to act on the sure knowledge of your will.

I plead the blood over all my loved ones and ask for your warring angels to
surround and protect them. Please grant the desire of my heart; please supply my
need beyond what I ask or imagine.

Crush my mountain and pave a highway from this wilderness into your promises
that are yea and amen. Keep the promises made, Father, for the glory it brings
to your name, the one in which I pray.

Plant us side by side, with you as the center rose, so entwined in your perfect
love beyond what I imagine, that none can tell one from the other. Draw us
closer to you and each other in a deeper, closer,
more loving threefold cord relationship which cannot be broken for the glory it
brings to your holy name! Be swift, Father. Show me mercy; take this emptiness
away and heal the hollowness of my heart.

Bless the works of my hands, and give me fruit for my labors which remain. Pour
out a blessing I cannot contain for the glory it brings to your holy name. Give
your children favor with those whom you bring them into contact to fulfill your
will, especially at work, Lord. Guide my decisions and show me what
to do, and what to teach. Anoint me for those classes and bless me in all the
works of my hands.

I praise you that no weapon forged against us prospers and that those who set
snares and traps for us are caught by their own devices, that the battle isn't
ours, but yours and that you will give each of us victory through your loving


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