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Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Are we really born sinful or is it more a by-product of this earthly existence?

Posted: 19 Nov 2011 06:54 AM PST

Recently, I was brought into a discussion with a woman from my home town, who, like most Christians believe that we are all born in sin, or born sinful. In an effort to give my opinion, I began explaining that we should first investigate the passage of the soul from pre-incarnation, to birth and then finally to old age and death. That this might lead us to understand what being sin-ful and being born into sin may mean.

The first thing we should examine, is the spiritual nature of babies. Where do babies come from? We know they come from the growth of the foetus in the womb; that is the physical aspect of babies. Now concerning the souls of babies. How do they get into the foetus? How are they placed within the developing embryo or and in what condition are these souls when they arrive in there? I assume that most Christian mothers believe their babies have souls, either at the point of inception or as the foetus begins to develop into a recognisable human shape.

From early history we are told that the pneuma or the breath of life, is the spirit which is contained in every human and is responsible for the animation or the giving of life to the flesh. Scripture says that our selves are comprised not merely of flesh. The spirit is who we are. Our hearts, or spirits are the motive force within each of us, make us alive and give us drive and purpose. When we pass from this planetary existence, our souls depart the flesh, leaving something behind which decays and turns to dust.

Let's ponder something: The foetal heartbeat begins within the first trimester, from what I can remember from articles read long ago. Where does the spiritual energy of the baby's soul arrive from? Some of you, by claiming that babies are born into sin, might be trying to explain that the souls of babies arrive from a place where sin exists. If we are born into sin, are we claiming that babies are born sin-filled, or filled with sin? Are we saying that the souls of babies arrive from hell, the place of sinners, or are you saying they arrive from the world, which is also a fallen realm?

My belief is that the souls of babies come from heaven. Would you agree with that? If not, what other spiritual place would they arrive from? If they are from heaven, then how is it possible that they arrive in the baby filled with sin? The souls of both mother and father might be filled with sin, but just a minute, I thought babies were pure spirits. Are we to believe that our babies are defiled by sins before they even exit the uterus? How is that possible? Do babies commit transgressions in the womb? How can they do this and how can sin result from this transgression if babies are still cognitively undeveloped, not fully knowing right from wrong? Wouldn't that be unfair?

Aren't we told in scripture that the law makes us conscious of sin? How then, can foetuses be guilty of sins and become sin-filled or defiled if they have no awareness of the law? Can we say that because God has written the law on our hearts, then we as foetuses must know right from wrong? Well maybe, but our hearts are not our minds. Heart (spirit) and mind (soul) must be of one accord surely? If our minds are not sufficiently developed, how can we understand what we do? Surely we need to have a reasonable state of mental development before we can understand our hearts. Doesn't the scripture also say that the heart is deceitful above all else, who can cure it? Well if our hearts are filled with deceipt, then how is it possible to always know right from wrong?

If heaven is a place of spiritual purity, undefiled and without the contamination of sin or darkness, then how is it possible for babies to be born with sins oir sinful? Surely if we conclude that, then we must also be suggesting that God allows certain parts of heaven to be occupied or contaminated by sin-defiled souls. Surely that would also compromise God's purity? Does God allow sin into heaven? I would say definitely not. Similiarly, does Satan tolerate the pure and the holy in his kingdom? From Adam and Eve's experience, we might say that anything which is pure and holy is made a target for pollution and spiritual defilement by Satan and is forced to fall.

If heaven is a place of light and absolute purity and undefilement, then it must also follow that any soul exiting heaven must either be forcefully escorted downwards into the world, or must somehow commit sin or transgress and be subsequently defiled by Satan for the weight of their sin to pull them downwards. How else do we depart heaven and arrive in the world?

Perhaps the souls of babes begin human incarnation in the foetus in the RISEN condition and because their parents and peers are living in sin, they are forced into wordly existence by FALLING. This by the entanglements and deceitfulness of the Devil's wiles, which lead humanity into sinning.

How was it that Adam and Eve, once undefiled and pure souls, lost their heavenly rank and fell into worldly corruption? Were they born sin-ful? No, they were created and were made living souls from their creation. Adam was transformed from a created soul into a living soul once he received the spirit or breath of life from God. One could argue that Adam received his very self, or was given his heart by God.

Adam and Eve were our innocent and ignorant ancestors which have resulted in humanity born after their creation to be fallen. This is not because we at our inception are fallen, but rather because we are born into a worldly system or order of things. We fall because we are birthed by fallen parents and led astray by fallen peers and only learn spiritual ways when it is too late. It may also mean that sin, "crouching at our door", as God said to Cain, has been given a human form in scripture for good reason. It may mean that sin is a pseudonym for wicked spirits and their deceiving and beguiling nature, which leads humans astray long before they become spiritually awake.

If we lay all the blame for our fallen natures on Adam and Eve, then we miss something noteworthy about their RAISED-UP and undefiled spiritual statuses before their fall. Firstly, there are no biblical records of any instruction given by God to Adam and Eve, except DO NOT EAT OF THE FRUIT. The fruit from the tree of knowledge lead to death, but Adam and Eve were not of the dead when they ate of the fruit, they were of the living. They had no idea what it was like to die and there was no way we could have expected them to know that. They had no experiencial knowledge.

Now some of us as parents, understand that if we say to our children DON'T DO THAT, what the likely outcome will be. They will surely do it, testing parental response and the outcome of their action. Humans have been made inquisitive creatures by God himself. We are all here to find out how our planet works, how universal laws work and what our limits and potentials are. That drive gives us the desire for experimentation, conquest and exploration. Sometimes we learn best from our mistakes. Take a look around you at people who are successful or perceived by us to be blessed. Many have made plenty of errors and failed badly, then upon painful experience and much suffering, failure is transformed into success by the ingredient of faith.

Did Adam & Eve benefit from a childhood learning with which they could, with developing minds, know the difference between right and wrong? NO. Did they have a recorded body of scripture, laws and teachings from which to learn wisdom? NO. Did they have parents who could instruct them in the difference between right and wrong? NO. Did they have peers who they could observe while growing up, from which they could draw knowledge and from which observations could be made? NO. Did they have a church to lend them support and give them understanding? NO.

Should we blame our fallen nature on Adam and Eve and use that as an excuse for not doing what God has called us to do? Perhaps it would probably be very unfair of us to do so.


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