Sunday, December 4, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Re: Praise God for first grandchild!! & Prayer Request


The Lord knows your heart and pain, and He has heard your cry. I have prayed from my hear for you and your husband and i strongly believe that He will "Arrest" your husband and also heal his hurting heart. The Lord's peace will sweep your home.

Do not relent until you see the Lords salvation. Sometimes it may take longer than we thought, But God does not Forget. Annoint his pillow everyday as you pray. Annointing is "God's Presence", and your husband will feel that presence and will not remain the same.

God keps you and your family. And congratulations on your new grand-child

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> Our first grandchild was born yesterday, a healthy baby boy
> weighing 6 lbs 9oz. Both mom and baby are doing well.
> Please pray, my husband R. suffered extreme child abuse
> growing up, mostly at the hands of his mother. He is an unbeliever, and his
> unforgiveness towards those that hurt him is destroying him and our family. It
> is the root of the cause of our marital problems as well. Coming from the same
> background I know his pain and struggle, as well as the destruction
> unforgiveness leaves in its wake, and that the only way towards freedom is in
> Jesus Christ. The hurts can go so deep, that true forgiveness can only be
> accomplished if He does it through us. Please pray for my husband?s salvation,
> a new and clean heart, and that Christ will remove the old recordings of abuse
> in his mind and give him new recordings based upon the solid rock of His Word.
> In prayer and praise,
> Deborah       
> Oh Lord, hear my prayers and answer my cries for the marriage and salvation of my husband, our

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