Saturday, December 24, 2011

Re: [FamilyofGod] The Reason For The Season


Hi George
    You believe Christ is against anyone who worships Him on a special day, A day that esteems His birth?
    "It originated in pagan worship." So what, Is God greater than the sun? God looks at our heart, not the day in which we celebrate our love for Him. Do you have a better day of the month, and year in which one should gather with fellow Christians, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior?  Do we celebrate His resurrection on Easter Sunday?
    Personally I believe Jesus the Christ is more understanding with folks who celebrate His birth on any day of the year. I don't believe He checks His calender to see if the day was at one time a pagan day of worship to a sun god. A day is only a pagan holiday if the one worshiping on that day, is worshiping a pagan god. Is Jesus a pagan god?
    I personally believe God will be more forgiving with the person who celebrates the birth of His Son on what was ones a pagan holiday, than He will be with them who judge them who celebrate the birth of His Son on what was once a pagan holiday.
    I will continue to thank God for the birth of His gift to us for our salvation without regard to what the day represented to pagans in the past. I do not worship a pagan god on the day Christians have chosen to thank God for His gift to us. Fact is, every time I give of myself to another person in the name of God I celebrate the birth of His Son.
   Why look for reasons not to celebrate unto the Lord our God, a reason not to be grateful for the gift of salvation. God does not quite giving on a day that was once a pagan holiday. Don't look at what the day ones was, look at it for what it means to Christians.
   Our Lord and Savior is the God of everyday. His Holy Spirit is in us everyday, even on days that were once dedicated to pagan gods.
Love you

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I personally don't believe Jesus will allow christmas holiday when he returns.  In fact I think he will be angry about it. The "holiday" originated in pagan sun worship.  That should be a little hint of what Jesus will do with it when he comes back.  "Come out of her my people lest you be partaker of her plagues."

In the love of God that is in Christ,  George...


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Subject: [FamilyofGod] The Reason For The Season
Date: Saturday, December 24, 2011, 5:14 AM

I love this season, I love this season, one of my favourites holidays. The stores are crazy with long traffics at check-out, clearance and sales in all malls, sweet xmas musics in the stores and radios, gifts here and there, decoration competetions at every house u pass ...u'll just wanna take pictures all the way.
As we celebrate, it's easy to forget the celebrant, He is the reason for all these. Do you really know Him? Lets celebrate the reall thing....The Birth Of Our Redeemer. Merry Christmas!

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