Sunday, April 29, 2012

Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Posted: 29 Apr 2012 06:38 AM PDT

You may have noticed over the years that I publish my posts only to withdraw them again soon afterwards. Many times I have written on an issue or subject which I feel God has put into my heart to reveal and discuss. Then I deliberate over what I have written and weigh up the things I have said to try and discern the implications first to God, then to you my audience. Over the years I have felt that God gives me complete freedom to publish what I feel is right. Luckily the destroyer is always there to make me feel accused for this or that. That is typical Satanic strategy for interfering with what God promises as part of the strategy outlined in Matt 10:26:
"So do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known."   

Sometimes, if I feel the post is an important piece - something which really attacks the heart of darkness, I get a sense of its impact in the spirit shortly after publishing it. Usually in moments of spiritual weakness, which may occur after wrongdoings or sins, a Satanic attack through a wile may be brought into play and this form of attack, usually in the dead of night, compels me to get up and delete the post without time for careful consideration or weighing up the consequences. I have lost much of my posts this way and it angers me, but I know that the content of those pieces are areas of knowledge which are dormant in my mind for the moment, but will be brought to light at the right time in the future, along with more clearly conveyed ideas and hopefully more convincing writing.

From the recent HOTMAIL crash which appears to have left many account holders bereft of carefully managed content, I would strongly advise that all sensitive information and historical blog posts be stored in a place on the web not vulnerable to account hacking and intrusion. I am totally fed up with Microsoft. Trying to explain a situation to them is futility because they simply do not care for their account holders and their PR team now seems to be headed by bots. How do they expect people who have recently had their accounts suspended to remember recent email headers or contact addresses. Give this company and other free email providers and cloud servers a wide berth. Rather pay a small monthly sum for offshore email storage. Personally I would recommend a solid state drive which one can use for home storage.

I kindly request that if any of you have a historical record of my posts, that you please forward these to me and I will re-publish them. I would also like to suggest going forward, that someone out there not prone to compulsive episodes, be kind enough to create a mirror blog and duplicate my postings. It would mean that Satan's retributive attacks are thwarted by a duplicate backup system.

Having said that I would like to add that if any Christian has any insight, idea, realization, epiphany or midnight guidance or inspiration prompting them to act on something in the dead of night, that they would understand that this compelling feeling should be very carefully discerned. A stream of mental communication coming from outside the mind or from within the body should not be believed to be from God until one is clear-headed and refreshed to process it in the mind.

During the midnight and early morning hours, the soul is in a resting state and this is primarily due to the mental faculties being relaxed and passive. Often this is the reason why it can be hard to understand or discern night-time dreams and visions immediately upon experiencing them. Satan makes every effort to guide men, and communicate with them using internal dialogue within the spheres of flesh and soul, or by the utterances spoken through their spirit-men in night-time dreams and visions. If your spirit man says something, shouts something or sings anything, how can you be sure that is from God? So for this reason, the words in Matt 10:27,
"What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs." should be carefully discerned, because whisperings at night are a favourite way of Satanic communication to believers.

So, with the mental faculties at night, dulled and passive, these transmissions from the devil are absorbed and taken to be truth from God and this in turn gives immediate grounds upon which evil spirits work to establish more bondage and oppression in the mind. Better to wait until the morning to run through what you feel you have received from God.

If a person feels strongly compelled to act in any way on this type of communication during the course of the night and there is a doubt, then this should be very carefully weighed in the heart during the waking hours. If the message is not fully understood the first time, then God may well impress upon us the same feeling with more urgency and conviction and only when the mind is fully engaged and in an active state of concentration. This is the very reason why New age practices such as meditation are spoken against in the Christian faith, because they weaken the mind and render it a passive tool, which is exactly what Satan desires so that he may seize it and hold in a vice-like grip for the transmitting of false doctrine and blatant lies.

Much of this information can be gleaned with improved comprehension through Secrets of Spiritual Warfare, by Jessie Penn Lewis. I have not made much mention of the contents of this book before - I should have reviewed it, but I plan to present my findings in more detail and clarity, over the months ahead. Thanks for reading my blog and for your patience.


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