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Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Experiential Truths of Spiritual Warfare

Letter of good news for sexually frustrated Christians

Posted: 12 Sep 2012 11:35 AM PDT

If you are a sexually frustrated Christian, there is nothing in the bible said which prohibits or condemns sex before marriage.

To say that we should not heed the law or that it has been done away with is flawed thinking, because we are told that the law makes us conscious of sin.  Jesus said not one jot of the law shall pass away    until everything has been accomplished.  Has everything in creation been accomplished? I would say not yet.  This is not an attempt to return Christians to a legalistic way of living, merely to get them    to read the law, contemplate or meditate on it and be familiar with what things are sin, trespass and what things are error or wrongdoing.  If the law does not make provision for an action we think may be wrongdoing or error, it may not mean that it is so. We can't merely say that something is wrong if there is nothing said against it in the law.

Leviticus chapter 15 says that there are impurity or uncleanness sins committed by males:  There is no sin of masturbation in the scripture, only "emission of semen". (Lev 15:16) There is nothing in the law to say that wet dreams or nocturnal emissions are less sinful.  They are still emissions of semen. Marriage also does not make a man's semenal emissions lawful.  The impurity laws applied to females, tell us that the monthly menstrual flow is a sin. (Lev 15:19) Females can't condemn male masturbation when they have a menstrual flow - both are of the same sin (impurity). There is also nothing in the law against female masturbation.  From this omission on the subject, we can deduce that it is not sinful for females to masturbate. It may be wrongdoing, but again, there is nothing stated in the law opposed to this practice.

Jews living under law made atonement for these sins of uncleanness by making sin offerings and burnt offering to the priest which required small animal sacrifices. (Lev 15:14) The laws apply to both Jews and Gentiles.  Christians shouldn't be hasty to dismiss the laws as archaic or irrelevant. The important issue with "emission of semen", is that all babies born to mothers are birthed because of this sin.  The act of sexual intercourse ends with the sin of impurity which results in the conception of children.  All humanity conceived in the normal way are consequently born because of sin and into sin.  Based on these laws, how can we say that having a baby within a marriage is morally superior to having one out of wedlock? The law does not distinguish.  All baby making is morally flawed if babies are themselves the product of man's sinful emissions.

How is it possible to believe in a loving God who makes it a sin to enjoy the good thing he has made for us to enjoy?  If the law is  righteous holy and good, why are these sexual activities of the body    considered to be transgressions of law? It is as though the law is biased against humanity and procreation itself. In Genesis, God said that we should populate the earth by being fruitful and multiply.  To say that sexual sinners will end in the lake of fire, is to say that that all men will end up in the lake of fire, because all men emit semen and are therefore are sexual sinners by default.

The reason many Christians are suffering from sexual frustration, is because we believe our Western Christian morality is perfect, when in fact it is flawed because the biblical impurity laws prohibit the natural tendencies of the human being.  We are more than flesh and our very spiritual selves are sexual.  Sex is more than mere carnal activity, it is a spiritual activity, good for the heart and soul.

To say that we are to maintain sexual purity as young people is to say that we should miss out on one of the joys of being human.  As for fornication, there is no listing in the mosaic law prohibiting such acts, or declaring them sinful. They may be wrongdoing, but again, the law is silent.

In the law there is nothing which declares drunkenness or debauchery as sin. We may declare it to be wrongdoing and also say that it is bad for our health  and morality, but again there is nothing expressly in the law saying that this is sin. There is also nothing said in the law against lust either. When men look at women, they find them sexually attractive.  How can we simply dismiss this as lust?  There is something about the opposite sex which causes us to need and want sex. That is the way God has made us. No amount of looking away or ignoring the opposite sex will change our desire for them.  Much of human desire is normal, healthy and God-intended.

So it is time to speak the truth to your minister and make him aware of the law.  We shouldn't dismiss this as something irrelevant.  Jesus said that the truth would set us free.  Why then do we try and live chaste lives and then become depressed and angry because of it.  Why don't we share this as good news and stop depriving ourselves from what is beneficial to human health and enjoyment.  Those who have the spirit of God are set free from the curse of the law.

God created sex to be enjoyed by males and females. Why would God frustrate his own creation? Besides the impurity laws which make it impossible for humans to stop sinning, the laws outlining unlawful sexual relations are permissive. The law says that when a man lies with a women, and there is an  emission of semen, both must bathe with water and they will be unclean until evening. (Lev 15:18) Here there is no apparent concern in the law for the man and woman sleeping together, but only for the emission of semen which makes them unclean.  The law does not say they should be a married couple before sleeping together.  In Lev 18, most of the restrictions on sexual relations apply in preventing incest rather than the frustration of human intimacy.

By now we should be aware that it is very obviously not God but Satan frustrating Christians.  Satan triumphs when God's children go without a good thing.  Satan through clever PR has managed to perpetuate his image as the sex God, but in truth Satan is opposed to sex, love-making and human progeny.  What do you think is the foundation of Satanic torment of Christians?  It is a dark strategy to deprive them sexually in every way possible.  We are being mocked for being human.

Please wake up to the truth, educate yourselves on the law and begin to understand that the cure for sexual frustration is to be more sexually open, adventurous and accommodating of the opposite sex.    Aren't we all craving romance and aren't these adventures the things we treasure in our later years?

I am not saying we should be promiscuous, merely stating that not all humans are meant for    monogamous fidelity, but are hardwired to need and want sexual variety.  More and more evidence of this is becoming scientifically proven public knowledge. We are an advanced creation but we are very apelike in many of the things we do.  We can't simply deny the part of our being that needs sexual fulfilment.

   If you are a sexually frustrated Christian, please pass this on to relevant people and don't be ignorant of the law and the strategy of the Devil to oppose your legitimate needs for sexual fulfilment.  Our society only becomes healthier and more civilized when people expose Satan's strategy.  Please consider these things and speak out.


Kelly Divine April 18, 2013 at 11:02 PM  

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