Sunday, October 23, 2011

[Awake4HisReturn] RON PAUL WINS OHIO GOP Swing State Straw Poll WITH 53.5%


Ohio Straw Poll Results.
Paul 53.5%
Cain 25.47%
Romney 8.88%
Gingrich 5.37%

I can just see the headlines now:
"Cain pulls in a strong second place victory over third place Romney, to stabilize his position in the top tier."
Then later we will see:
"Barack Obama finishes a Strong Second in 2012 Presidential Election."

Sarah Palin Fights Media Blackout of Ron Paul  

By framing the question, FOX NEWS tries to eliminate Ron Paul from the discussion.
Sarah Palin does not take the bait.

Study Confirms Ron Paul Blacked Out by Media
John Stewart Shows How Ron Paul Is Feared AND IGNORED
Media ignoring Ron Paul
One Video that says it ALL
Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust  
Ron Paul Closing Statement BLACKED OUT of CNN Republican debate
Sarah Palin Endorses Ron Paul's Libya Policy
It's getting colder and colder in Hell these days.
Last week, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh endorsed Ron Paul's plan to slash the federal budget by $1 trillion, eliminate 5 unconstitutional departments, and roll back federal spending to 2006 levels.
This week, GOP Frontrunner Sarah Palin is giving Ron Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy a thumbs-up.
"You've got to give it to Ron Paul. Whether you agree with everything he says or not, at least he is one there in Congress trying to make our President stick to the law and understand that Congress does have a role to play in these foreign policy decisions that are made and Ron Paul, I think hit the nail on the head, when he came out and said Obama had better be careful when he interjects himself and our country in other nations' business."  — Sarah Palin
If you actually have a knee jerk emotional reaction to the name Ron Paul, ask yourself what causes that knee jerk reaction. This is what the government controlled media and public school system has done to you. Rise above it and learn critical thinking skills.
Journalists and editors are overwhelmingly controlled by New World Order globalists. So when you listen to "news" stories about GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul it is all the news that fits the plot. New World Order globalists pick your candidate for you.
When the Mainstream Media New World Order shoves Mittens Romneycare down my throat, and gives just 2% of its news coverage to GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul, I become even more interested in what Ron Paul has to say.
Especially when, despite the ongoing media blackout, Ron Paul is #3 in fundraising among GOP candidates even though he shuns the elites and the corporate money. Ron Paul has won or placed second in over a dozen straw polls of active grassroots republican voters, including the Big Three: CPAC, the Iowa Straw Poll, and the Values Voters Straw poll.
Yet the Mainstream Media New World Order globalists continue to black out this story. Or when they do refer to GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul, they call him "unelectable," which is an interesting adjective choice for someone who has been elected to his seat in Congress eleven times.
Hmmm. It's almost as though the Mainstream Media New World Order globalists do not want people to know about GOP Frontrunner Ron Paul.

Ron Paul gets 2% of the media coverage while winning most of the polls

Why could that possibly be?

H/T Pew Research Center

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