Sunday, October 23, 2011

[FamilyofGod] No more abortions.


Howdy PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!! Awesome FATHER,our MAKER and CREATOR.LOVER of our souls.YOU PAPA GLORY are a really good PAPA.YOU created hope,joy and peace.YOU ALPHA and OMEGA created life from a pile of humble dust.YOU kissed it with YOUR breath,intimate,loving,full of life,thank YOU.PAPA,YOU created the stars and gave them names,each one named after YOUR children.YOU cry and care about us.YOU sing songs over us. YOU LOVE us.YOU are love.Thank YOU for YOUR love.Thank YOU for life.Thank YOU for making us for this time in history.Thank YOU for teaching us ways to glorify YOU in everything we do and say.Thank YOU for wanting to be intimate with us.If there is anything holding us back from receiving YOUR love,thank YOU for removing it if we can't.Thank YOU for YOUR LIGHT shinning on us always,marking our paths.Thank YOU for answering prayers before we even pray them,for knowing we didn't even know what to pray and YOU knew it.Thank YOU for all the awesome healings and miracles YOU have done for us.Thank YOU for this fresh new season of love,hope,TRUTH,prosperity and multiplying in the families.Thank YOU for sending friends and helpmates to those in need of hugs and love.Thank YOU for reminding us that everyone needs love.Thank YOU for Being the AUTHOR of LOVE.Thank YOU for giving us YOUR eye and love so we can see people like YOU do and forget self.Thank YOU for reminding us to listen and just die so we can bear fruit.Thank YOU for reminding us that we are new creations that anything from our past is dead,sin and sickness.Thank YOU for reminding us that we are to love.Thank YOU for reminding us that sin CAN NOT manifest itself in the flesh,that JESUS,my LOVE destroyed this at the cross.Thank YOU LORD JESUS for YOUR honesty.Thank YOU for reminding us that the thief is wrong teaching.That we need to always ask YOU,HOLY SPIRIT before we use human reasoning and just assume we know better than YOU.Thank YOU JESUS for being our PROMISE OF LIFE and giving us revelation on YOU,JESUS and what YOU did at the cross.Thank YOU for teaching us to follow JESUS,and reminding us of YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD have finished the work.Thank YOU for giving us revelation on YOUR finished work.Thank YOU for giving us the knowledge that the lack of is killing us.Thank YOU for giving us favor every time we want to love JESUS into someone.Thank YOU for giving GODLY favor for helpmates to love each other through any storm and temptation.Thank YOU for giving GODLY favor for parents and their children to love each other.Thank YOU for giving us the TRUTH of our hearts.Thank YOU for giving GODLY favor for all the unborn with everyone,that people see and hear life,a blessing,not a problem.NO MORE ABORTIONS IN JESUS NAME.Thank YOU for the TRUTH in what is going on in the increased abortions and who is funding them and their agenda.Thank YOU for taking all the folks who had abortions in the womb so they can feel what the baby feels when this happens.Thank YOU for when people who are thinking about having a abortion see children,feel the love from the children and their parents,and hear the name of mommy,and daddy constantly.Thank YOU for forgiving all the folks who have had one.Thank YOU for using these folks who have had one as loving blocks to speak life into these situations where people are thinking about having one.Thank YOU for giving the doctors and nurses hearts of CHRIST,to see life in the woman's womb,PAPA,let the baby's heart beats touch them as they sleep.Thank YOU for forgiving them.Thank YOU for asking all supporters of abortion when they look at their children,what if yours was aborted,what if it was you ??? Thank YOU for the TRUTH in how these abortions are done and with stem cell research.That these are living babies and they feel everything,which means YOU FEEL IT !!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU for the TRUTH of who and why is doing this and who is funding them.Thank YOU for a tidal wave of GODLY LOVE,JESUS and FAVOR for all children,including the ones in the wombs,present and future.Consume everyone in the waters of this wave.Thank YOU for giving us the GODLY wisdom,revelation and knowledge on what is TRULY going on with the attack against the family,youth and unborn.Thank YOU for getting all the folks who have kids and who are planning some, jobs,homes,favor where needed,GODLY wisdom,revelation and knowledge on how to live lives of love.I speak JESUS,life,love,strength,self-control,joy,peace and confidence in to every ones lives.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a million times.I cry out for justice for the unborn.PAPA,YOU collect our tears in jars,how many jars of tears do YOU have for the unborn ??? PAPA,how many tears of YOUR have YOU cried for the unborn ??? I love YOU PAPA !!!!!!! I cry out for justice for more TRUTH in everything.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it with their hearts desires,love,JESUS,HOLY SPIRIT and what is needed.I bless the LORD OF MY SOUL.I bless the LORD OF THE UNBORN.NO MORE ABORTIONS IN JESUS NAME !!!!!!!!! I pray in the name of the SON of GOD,JESUS.JESUS IS LORD !!!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!! I LOVE YOU JESUS !!!!

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