Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catholic Prayers

Catholic Prayers

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Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 10:57 PM PDT

Jesus, the very thought of Thee
With sweetness fills the breast!
Yet sweeter far Thy face to see
And in Thy presence rest.

No voice can sing, no heart can frame,
Nor can the memory find,
A sweeter sound than Jesus' name,
The Saviour of mankind.

O hope of every contrite heart!
O joy of all the meek!
To those who fall, how kind Thou art!
How good to those who seek!

But what to those who find? Ah ! this
Nor tongue nor pen can show -
The love of Jesus, what it is,
None but His loved ones know.

Jesus! our only hope be Thou,
As Thou our prize shalt be;
In Thee be all our glory now,
And through eternity. Amen.

O Most Loving Jesus

Posted: 25 Oct 2011 05:22 AM PDT

(By Saint Louis de Montfort)

O most loving Jesus,
deign to let me pour forth my gratitude before Thee,
for the grace Thou hast bestowed upon me
in giving me to Thy holy Mother
through the devotion of Holy Bondage,
that she may be my advocate
in the presence of Thy majesty
and my support in my extreme misery.
Alas, O Lord!
I am so wretched that
without this dear Mother
I should be certainly lost.
Yes, Mary is necessary for me at Thy side
and everywhere that she may appease Thy just wrath,
because I have so often offended Thee;
that she may save me
from the eternal punishment of Thy justice,
which I deserve;
that she may contemplate Thee,
speak to Thee,
pray to Thee,
approach Thee and please Thee;
that she may help me to save my soul
and the souls of others;
in short, Mary is necessary for me
that I may always do Thy holy will
and seek Thy greater glory in all things.
Ah, would that I could proclaim
throughout the whole world
the mercy that Thou hast shown to me!
Would that everyone might know
I should be already damned,
were it not for Mary!
Would that I might offer worthy thanksgiving
for so great a blessing!

Mary is in me.
Oh, what a treasure!
Oh, what a consolation!
And shall I not be entirely hers?
Oh, what ingratitude!
My dear Saviour,
send me death rather than such a calamity,
for I would rather die
than live without belonging entirely to Mary.
With St. John the Evangelist
at the foot of the Cross,
I have taken her a thousand times for my own
and as many times have given myself to her;
but if I have not yet done it as Thou,
dear Jesus, dost wish,
I now renew this offering
as Thou dost desire me to renew it.
And if Thou seest in my soul
or my body anything
that does not belong to this august princess,
I pray Thee to take it
and cast it far from me,
for whatever in me does not belong to Mary
is unworthy of Thee.

O Holy Spirit,
grant me all these graces.
Plant in my soul the Tree of true Life,
which is Mary;
cultivate it and tend it
so that it may grow and blossom
and bring forth the fruit of life in abundance.
O Holy Spirit,
give me great devotion to Mary,
Thy faithful spouse;
give me great confidence in her maternal heart
and an abiding refuge in her mercy,
so that by her Thou mayest truly form in me Jesus Christ,
great and mighty,
unto the fullness of His perfect age.



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