Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Rain on us.


ALMIGHTY PAPA,my gracious PAPA !!! Thank YOU PAPA for stirring up the clouds and raining mercy and grace on us.Thank YOU for raining compassion and peace on us.Thank YOU for raining love and peace on us.Thank YOU for raining joy and happiness on us.Thank YOU for raining kindness and gentleness on us.Thank YOU for raining hope and seeds of JESUS on us.Thank YOU for raining all the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT on us.Thank YOU for sending YOUR thunder and lightning of self-control,strength,boldness,zeal and energy.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for LIGHTING us up with more passion and zeal for JESUS.Thank YOU for more HOLY SPIRIT,quadrupole portions of ELIJHA's HOLY SPIRIT and quadrupole portions of ELISHA's HOLY SPIRIT,and more and more and more,thank YOU PAPA.Thank YOU PAPA for showing us that CHRIST was beaten so we can be unbeatable.Thank YOU strengthening us and guiding us to people who need help to bear their burdens.Thank YOU for teaching us that what ever we sow we will reap.I sow a trillion seeds of JESUS into everyone on this planet,YOU CREATED,in a day.I speak joy,vitality,health,love,JESUS,blessings,heart desires,endurance,strength,hope,TRUTH and peace into every ones lives.Thank YOU for increasing our love for YOU and our neighbor.Thank YOU for strengthening us with love and joy to not grow weary in doing good.I bless the LORD of my SOUL.I bless ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.I bless the HOLY SPIRIT.I bless everyone who said the name JESUS today out loud.I bless everyone who said JESUS is LORD out loud today.I praise YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST,YOU are indescribable love,YOU are amazing,a walking talking TRUTH MAN.Increase out TRUST in YOU,make us all like children anticipating and excited about all YOUR good gifts and promises.Thank YOU for straighting our backs and circumcising our hearts for the battle of life and souls.Thank YOU for guiding us to the souls who need the love of CHRIST,a kind word,a hug,a smile.Thank YOU for teaching us to read the word like starving,hungry children,looking for the mystery of being fed by the living word.Thank YOU for increasing our hunger for YOU, and everything about YOU.Give us the hunger of a man who has been fasting for YEARS and the tears and smiles when he sees the BREAD OF LIFE,waiting for him,to be picked and enjoyed to it's fullest.Thank YOU for getting us excited for the coming blessing.Thank YOU for shaking and pruning us to ground and root us to the CORNERSTONE of CHRIST.Our ROCK that we build upon.Our MESSIAH,the PRINCE of PEACE.Thank YOU for raining the oil of gladness on our hearts to soften them more.Thank YOU for increasing our capacity for love.Thank YOU for raining so much love into us that we become walking wells of love.I cry out for justice for more TRUTH in everything.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it and anyone needing any of YOUR rains with the TRUTH,revelation and knowledge of everything about YOU ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD !!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!

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