Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Famine.


PAPA,PAPA,PAPA there is a famine in the land,a famine in hearts,a famine in marriages,a famine in schools,a famine in governments,a famine in the Church's.Famine of LOVE,JESUS,LIFE,and TRUTH.PAPA we are hurting,we are needing,we are wanting,we are blind to our real needs.More LOVE and more and more.POUR out YOUR love on everything so no matter where we go we can feed on YOU.Our hearts and marriages are lacking love and truth.Lies everywhere,flesh-so-called-love everywhere.PAPA helpmates are looking at porn and pleasuring themselves instead of making love,why ??? Teach them PAPA of what a blessing they have,to have someone to love and hold onto,to cry and laugh with,to pray with.Thank YOU for teaching them that making love is a blessing.Thank YOU for giving them GODLY wisdom to make,speak and talk love at all times.The lies,PAPA,are everywhere and in everything,PAPA HELP me,even in YOUR word.............YOU NEVER CHANGE,SO WHY DOES YOUR WORD ??????????? Am I supposed to pick YOUR word that suits me,PAPA,I look at and study/read out of 5 different ones.Do I get to "PICK" the scripture that suits me ????????????? PAPA if I start doing this I am a dead man walking.PAPA they are now in the process of making politically correct bibles,what is that ?????????? PAPA we CAN NOT TRUST the news or our governments.They are getting ready to start taking our weapons from us,our bibles and our guns.They are already taking YOU,LORD JESUS CHRIST out of everything,prayer ???? Our president just came on t.v. and said JESUS is LORD............Yet he is on of the ones that is taking JESUS out of prayer.When he said JESUS is LORD he gave Christians the RIGHT to judge him and really inspect his fruit.He has dead fruit,loves to kill the unborn,promotes gay marriage,promotes war and racism.He is currently passing laws to STEAL more of our rights and to make our children stupid...all in the name of fairness........lies....does not pray in JESUS name....says the koran is holy....What is going on ??? Lies........Why are people afraid of him ??????? FEAR GOD..............never man.PAPA what is going on in the body of CHRIST ???????? I was just banned then amputated from Church.Are Preachers NOT listening to the HOLY SPIRIT ?????????? This is why people DO NOT give their Testamony..........My past is dead,to be used ONLY to tell people how I tried everything to change and only LORD JESUS CHRIST could do it,it is also about SPIRITUAL warfare.PAPA what is going on in peoples hearts ??? Love is a action word..........speak,live and act love at all times.Who are people trying to FOOL ???????? Do they not realize that YOU will take this personal,YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!!! YOU are a GOD of vengeance.........PAPA what is going on in the land ????????? DEAD crops,bed bugs,constant disease's,storms,droughts,fires,do people not realize that YOU know what is going on ?????????? Warnings of GOD need to be taken seriously.Honestly PAPA I do not think YOU are doing listeria,etc,etc,etc..........The more I research our government then watch their activities when this stuff happens they admit they are behind it.LIKE giving banks and companies billions of dollars then complaining that they have to much money,what is the TRUTH of all theses situations.PAPA they are teaching children to be gay in school,tolerance,or nature they call it....................lies I call it.They say a dog will hump another dog not caring about what the sex is.........what ?????????? A dog will eat it's own poop and lick it's own vomit,do they teach this next ???? To eat poop,lick vomit ????? So they say this is o.k,but you CAN NOT even bring up the name of JESUS without getting expelled,suspended or sued.ACLU will sue you and the school,who funds them,what is there agenda,thank YOU for GODLY wisdom to check out the past and founders on the Internet about the ACLU and their agenda.PAPA,who is controlling our government ??? So far everything points to the Rothschilds,they are satan worshipers,our presidents and government are mostly satan worshipers,thank YOU for more GODLY wisdom to look and find the TRUTH in YOUR word and Internet.PAPA,what was TRULY going on with the ISRAEL trade of prisoners 1 for 1027 ????????????? Who does this ??????? What is the agenda of this move of satan ??? Do people not realize that ISRAEL's land is controlled and owned by the Rothschilds ??? PAPA our ?Christian? government is killing the unborn like they enjoy it,stealing lives,stealing the life out of marriages and schools and we are sitting around doing what ?????????? USE ME PAPA !!!!!!!!! PAPA we are famished for the TRUTH,LOVE,LIFE,JESUS.I cry out for justice for an awakening of the TRUTH of JESUS,LIFE,LOVE,TRUTH.NO MORE IN THE NAME OF JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank YOU for planting a trillion seeds of LIFE,LOVE,TRUTH and JESUS into all of our hearts,minds,body's,souls and SPIRIT's.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a million times.I say this prayer for everyone who has read it and every one who will.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it with boldness,confidence,strength,truth,love,GODLY wisdom,favor and love and fear of YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD !!!!!!!! I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD............HOLY SPIRIT SPEAK TO ALL OF US THE TRUTH OF THIS PRAYER AND THE DIRECTION WE ARE HEADED IN IF WE DO NOT LISTEN TO YOU.........................Thank YOU.Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!!!

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