Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Wellspring.


HOWDY PAPA GOD !!!!!!!!! PAPA,more and more and more of YOU in everything I do.I crave YOU.I am nothing with out YOU.PAPA,anything for YOU,there is no price.My soul cry's PAPA,every tear is labeled.A tear for the aborted unborn child of GOD,a tear for the unsaved,a tear for the unloved,a tear for lose stuck in the wilderness,a tear for those barely hanging on,a tear for the TRUE children of ISRAEL,a tear for broken marriages,a tear for the unmarried,a tear for the slaves,a tear for the whores,a tear for the pimps,a tear for the dead Church's,a tear for the lost Church's,a tear for the Church's of flesh,a tear for the walking dead,a tear for the all those that do not know YOU,YOUR LOVE,YOUR SON,my LORD JESUS CHRIST.My soul cry's PAPA.PAPA take my tears and mix them in the river that never runs dry,the RIVER of LIFE.Bathe me in YOUR waters,wash me clean.Rebaptize me in the HOLY SPIRIT,ELIJAH's HOLY SPIRIT and ELISHA's HOLY SPIRIT,and more and more and more,thank YOU.Take me to the deepest part of YOU,the WELLSPRING of LIFE,so I can dive in and plunge myself into the deep,deep,deep parts of YOUR heart of LOVE,and never come back.More fruit PAPA to eat and share,thank YOU.Use me PAPA,I insist.Replenish me with more passion,love,compassion,life,health,youth,energy,strength,confidence,boldness and zeal for YOU and YOUR will.Put me where YOU want me to be,make me an instrument of YOUR will.Fill my heart with the knowledge of YOUR love and word.Plant in me a trillion seeds of JESUS in every pore of my body and then please do it again,thank YOU.Grow me PAPA,use me.I cry out for JUSTICE for more TRUTH in everything.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD !!!!!!!!! JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!! 

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