Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FamilyofGod] They know this............


PAPA,this is a risk I have got to take.PAPA,I think about this a lot.PAPA people are being lied to,children are being mislead and made stupid on purpose.PAPA people are being tortured and fooled with the flesh and are being lead straight into hell,burning in a lake of fire,seperated from YOU,forever............PAPA people are NOT being taught or hearing the TRUTH about YOU and YOUR love.They are NOT learning the TRUTH of JESUS and if they have,it was in the wrong way with human agendas.PAPA,I know this with out hesitation that this is important to YOU.PAPA,it is not most peoples fault,they do not know the whole TRUTH of YOUR name,love,word,power and what JESUS has done.PAPA we have been infiltrated.PAPA YOUR word has been twisted............The enemy is using YOUR word against us.Why PAPA are there different church's,different bibles,different teachings,different rules,there is only one ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.Who started this mess and what is their agenda ??? Thank YOU for exposing all lies and works of the enemy,prune and shake us free of all the poop we have been fed.Thank YOU for coating us with the oil of gladness so we slip out of the grasp of the enemy and stick to YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.Thank YOU PAPA for exposing all cons and con-men.Thank YOU for reminding me to make copies of all cell phone numbers and email address's.PAPA ,every time I drive by a grave yard I wonder,how many made it into YOUR arms ??? How many were tricked and lied to ???................. THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON ANYONE,I LOVE YOU...........PAPA GOD KNOWS I DO.PAPA,the words pope and nun are NOT in the bible.PAPA,Peter was NOT the first pope,he was sent to the Judians,if he was in charge,how was he sent ??? PAPA we are NOT to call anyone HOLY FATHER except for YOU.PAPA we are NOT to abstain from marriage or pray to Mary,saints or angels,we are supposed to pray in JESUS name,always.PAPA I have been approached by an evil spirit claiming it was Mary,I rebuked it in JESUS name,the third time it came back,it cussed me all to pieces.PAPA, most Mary appearances happen on the 13th day of the month,why ??? HOLY SPIRIT,speak to people about this,if I am telling the TRUTH,thank YOU.HOLY SPIRIT thank YOU for guiding people and helping them with YOUR word and showing them to research what they are doing.Souls are important,do not put yours in the trust of any man,only PAPA GOD.PAPA being baptized at birth does NOT get us saved.PAPA we are supposed to wear white as much as possible and anoint our foreheads with oil,not wear black cloths,the look of death.We are not supposed to bow our heads and clasp our hands together,people look defeated in this position,people say this is reverence to GOD,reverence comes from the heart and doing what the bible says.We are not to use rosary beads,this is pagan.PAPA,thank YOU for cutting off all voices of the enemy where people "THINK" they are listening to Mary or saints or angels.PAPA we are not to be ritualistic about our worship or prayer.PAPA there is no such thing as last rites,or exercisms,it is not in the bible.PAPA this is all backwards,exactly what YOU DO NOT WANT........PAPA if these so called leaders and Preachers and popes read the word of GOD they would know this..................PAPA,they KNOW THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are sending people to hell on purpose...............WHY ?????????? Who son's are they,what is their agenda.I move in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST against the evil spirits of blindness,lies and satan and curse you at your root,leave now in JESUS name,and never come back.Thank YOU PAPA for sending legions of ministering angels and angels of war to disrupt all activities that are causing people to believe in these lies.Thank YOU PAPA for breathing on the ones YOU have marked for life to put down any book that is filled with lies and to pick up YOUR word,the breath of life and to read it.Thank YOU for giving everyone revelation knowledge on YOUR TRUTHS.Thank YOU PAPA for planting trillions of seeds of JESUS into everyone who reads this prayer,who has ever read it and who will read it.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a bunch of times.I cry out for justice for more TRUTH in everything.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it with more HOLY SPIRIT and bigger inner ears to listen to YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!!

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