Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Watchmen.


Thank YOU my GOD,my PAPA GOD for knowing everything.Thank YOU for teaching me to be more like YOU.YOU PAPA GOD are so good,YOU are the best,YOU are the wisest and YOUR strength is awesome YOUR name and blood is all powerful.YOUR love consumes me,YOUR word is amazing.Give me a hunger for YOU,that no matter what YOU are always on my mind,heart,will,body,soul and SPIRIT.Thank YOU LORD JESUS,thank YOU PAPA,thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for being GOD.YOU are ALMIGHTY,YOU are amazing,YOU are PAPA GOD.The three are one,that's three times the praise,three times the love and devotion.I worship YOU,I adore YOU,I need YOU more than life itself.Show everything about YOU,YOUR love,will and heart desires.Thank YOU,thank YOU,thank YOU PAPA GOD.Thank YOU PAPA for making my heart,softer,warmer,full of love.Thank YOU PAPA for making my forehead and face hard against my enemies.Thank YOU PAPA,I receive YOUR word,love and strength into my heart,mind,body,soul and SPIRIT.Thank YOU PAPA for giving me strength to never fear man,the evil one or any of the puppets,but to always fear YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.Thank YOU for giving me more ways to honor and glorify YOU.Thank YOU PAPA for raising up more watchmen to man the walls and to patrol the hedges willing to seek YOU and the TRUTH of everything.Thank YOU PAPA for giving us the GODLY wisdom to never be content with lies or evil.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for teaching us and guiding us when we search the word and Internet and read and hear the news,for telling us when what we are hearing are lies or TRUTH.Thank YOU for YOUR TRUTH.Thank YOU PAPA for making our tongues cling to the roof of our mouths so we are mute when flesh wants to speak and loosen our tongue when the HOLY SPIRIT speaks,thank YOU a million times for the now and the future.Thank YOU PAPA for planting a trillion seeds of JESUS into me and everyone written in YOUR BOOK of LIFE.I pray this prayer for me and everyone who has ever read it or will.I hit both speed buttons on this prayer a million times.Thank YOU PAPA for showing me my heart,actions and the words I use,for letting me know who I am.show me,PAPA,where I am fault finding,so it can end,thank YOU.Thank YOU PAPA for showing me human reasoning and human wisdom so I can get rid or move against it.Thank YOU PAPA for showing me the ways we are being used by the evil-one,laws,denominations,racism,any way we are being divided and used against each other.Thank YOU PAPA for giving GODLY wisdom on who and why the words racism,semitism,anti-semitism,communism,facism where created and letting me know that this information is in the Internet.Thank YOU PAPA for showing me the TRUTH of strikes and demonstrations,and why people keep giving more power to the government.Thank YOU PAPA for showing me that the same people are buying up companies and stocks,why are they doing this and what is their agenda,and who's son's are they.I remind of YOUR word that YOU are ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD and YOU restore everything the evil-one steals back to us in seven fold portions.That the work of the wicked falls into the laps of the son's of PAPA GOD.Thank YOU PAPA for giving us GODLY wisdom to stock pile everything the enemy wants to take from us,using lies and manipulation with laws of man.This is witch craft.I cry out for more TRUTH of everything.I come into agreement with everyone who prays this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me and who has ever read it with the riches of CHRIST and YOUR kingdom and promise's.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD.JESUS is LORD !!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!! Glory be to JESUS !!!!!!!! I love YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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