Thursday, October 20, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Why ???


Howdy PAPA GOD.My gracious PAPA,YOU are amazing,so full of LOVE and TRUTH.Thank YOU for YOUR love and TRUTH.I receive all of YOUR love in anticipation for future hugs and kiss's.PAPA what is GOING on ??? Why are all the jobs going to India and China yet most of their people have no money ??? Why are other people from other country's allowed to join our military ??? How is the war in Libya over and won by a bunch of civilians,this fast ??? Who really fought that war,who supplied them ??? Does this have to do with the United Nations and the world bank and their globalization plan ??? PAPA,Libya was one of the country's that refused the world bank,a bank owned by the Rothschild's,who worship satan and own the Federal Reserve,what is the TRUTH of this situation ???Who are the only country's left where there is no world bank ??? What is TRULY going on in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan ??? Why are we still fighting these folks when we have tanks,ships,jets,bombers and soldiers trained well ??? WAKE UP CHRISTIANS,START ASKING QUESTIONS AND SEEK THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!! PAPA,why do we get dollar store items for a dollar,how is this cheaper when you add in the time,gas for planes and ships to get from China to America ??? Are these products really being made in China ??? Why are they all tainted with something that will kill us or give us cancer or some other disease ??? Why is our government allowing this ??? PAPA,they know that our cell phones are full of radiation why does our government allow this ??? Do they use the same phones ??? Are their phones radioactive ??? PAPA,why has "BOTH" of my prayer web sites been shut down ??? What am I praying that they don't like ??? Thank YOU for letting me know so I can keep doing it.PAPA,now they are messing with children of GOD's food in schools.They are taking away certain foods that are important to grow,function and boost the immune system,why ??? Why do they keep making kid's dumber ??? PAPA,why are Christians on the terrorist watch list ??? Why do they keep changing the bible ??? Why did they number the bible ??? Why is it illegal to pray in JESUS name,yet you can pray in any other name you want to,with support of the government and the ACLU.Who owns the ACLU,who funds them and what is there agenda ??? PAPA,why is JESUS listed with words not acceptable for t.v.,listed with words I dare not say ??? Who owns the t.v. stations and what is their agenda ??? PAPA,why do they put our food through radiation before they get it to us ??? PAPA,if there are no jobs or money how come all the stores are FULL of stuff to be bought.PAPA,what is the TRUTH of all stimulus bills passed.PAPA,what is the TRUTH of our government and president ??? PAPA,if buddism is a religion of peace,why do they set themselves on fire,show them PAPA the lies of budda and breath the TRUTH of CHRIST on them,thank YOU.PAPA,we have been tricked into thinking YOU put the numbers in the bible,was something taken out of YOUR word ??? Dreams,Prophecies,Prayers,Revelation end times stuff ??? PAPA,people say that satan never changes tactics  this TRUE ??? PAPA,the numbering of YOUR word is killing us,people look at one "numbered" verse and focus on that instead of reading the whole,chapter or book,taking everything out of context,PAPA,how many people went to hell because of this ??? PAPA,sometimes YOUR word say's one thing and then the other,complete opposite,is this me or an attack of the enemy to cause confusion ??? PAPA,everyone wants to go back to the beginning of our founding fathers,why,almost all of them were satanic,yet our history books tell us different,who wrote the history books,who funded them ??? Who is controlling all of the information ??? Why go back when we are supposed to move forward ??? PAPA,YOU are ALMIGHTY LORD GOD,according to man the ten oldest books are 2000 years before CHRIST,where are scrolls of Abraham,Moses ??? YOU are GOD.Where are they ??? Where are the first New testament writtings ??? Who has them ??? Why are Army,Marine,Navel,Air force base's,Hospital's,Amtrak stations,Train Station's being abandoned ??? What are they going to be used for ??? Who is manning them ??? Why are they still receiving money to be in operation status ??? Why ???? What is their agenda ??? More TRUTH on everything in this prayer,thank YOU PAPA.PAPA,why does the illuminati have their symbols and signs on our money ??? Who put them there ??? PAPA,where is the money going,thank YOU for marking all of the money trails so they can not hide them.Thank YOU PAPA for lighting a fire under or butts to seek the TRUTH instead of accepting the POOP they feed us.Thank YOU PAPA for marking everyone who has stepped over the line,the ones YOU know are not going to heaven so we can watch them and pray and fight them.Thank YOU PAPA for protecting all the truth tellers.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for lighting a fire under our butts to seek the TRUTH.I move in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST against the spirits of lies and satan and curse you at your root,leave now in  JESUS name and never come back.Thank YOU PAPA for a revelation of TRUTH sweeping into our hearts.I cry out for justice for more TRUTH in everything.I come into agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who has ever read it with more HOLY SPIRIT,a double portion of ELIJHA's HOLY SPIRIT,a quadrupole portion of ELISHA's HOLY SPIRIT.I fear YOU PAPA GOD,YOU are ALMIGHTY and I worship YOU.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,SON of the MOST HIGH GOD !!!!!!!!! JESUS is LORD !!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!

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