Tuesday, October 18, 2011

[FamilyofGod] Mark us.


Thank YOU PAPA for giving me ears to hear the birds sing YOUR name.Thank YOU PAPA for giving me the eyes to see YOUR beauty in the rainbow,the dew in the morning grass,in the flight of geese flying in formation.Thank YOU for teaching me to appreciate YOUR  love when I see theses things.More please.Thank YOU PAPA for giving me more ways to show and speak my love for YOU.When YOU send send rain over parched land and thirsty throats,thank YOU PAPA.When YOU save someone when ever there seems like there is no HOPE,thank YOU PAPA.When in the midst of what is going on in this world YOU bring forth the life of a new child,thank YOU PAPA.When I look down on the concrete streets and see a flower bursting through a crack,thank YOU PAPA.When I feel a strong wind and see YOU directing and guiding a fragile butterfly through it all,thank YOU PAPA.When I see and hear two birds singing in love to each other,thank YOU PAPA.When I see what YOU do with the colors of the sky when YOU raise the sun and again when you lower it,thank YOU PAPA.Thank YOU PAPA for always being there when everyone else ran from me,many thank YOU's PAPA.Thank YOU for saving us again,saving our country again,and teaching us the TRUTH of LOVE,of strength,of listening,of obeying YOUR WORD,thank YOU PAPA.Thank YOU for showing us to always look for the life in any situation and concentrating on it,thank YOU PAPA.YOU always remember YOUR promise's and remind us gently with loving kindness,thank YOU PAPA.Thank YOU PAPA for giving us GODLY wisdom to follow YOUR government and laws first and always.Teach me PAPA to always seek YOU in everything,to magnify YOU always.To never give up hope.To always trust in YOU.Thank YOU PAPA for giving me a child like TRUST for YOU,to always know what ever is going on,in any situation that YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD are much bigger,better,faster,stronger,smarter,all knowing,ever loving,always faithful,always true,jealous of me,and full of wrath when ever something messes with me.I remind YOU PAPA that YOU are FAITHFUL when I am not,I thank YOU for this,my amazing PAPA.Implant YOUR beauty in my tongue and heart so I can sing praise to YOU in TRUTH and SPIRIT.Thank YOU for sowing 1OO trillion seeds of JESUS into me.I hit "both" speed buttons on this prayer.I pray this prayer for myself and everyone who has and will read it.More love PAPA,thank YOU.Thank YOU PAPA for more love and more love and more love,thank YOU.More listening and obedience to the voice of the HOLY SPIRIT.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for guiding us in life,the word,and the Internet when we are searching for the TRUTH.PAPA why did they number scripture ??? This happened in the 1300 hundreds,why,what were the trying to hide and what did they take away and try to hide it with numbers,thank YOU for the TRUTH in this.PAPA they are changing the bible again right now,"NEW TRANSLATIONS",they are using false teachers and Preachers to do this,mark them and strengthen us.Thank YOU for giving us a zeal for YOUR word to start stock piling YOUR word now,in our hearts and in the bible itself,prepare us,thank YOU.YOU are awesome HOLY SPIRIT,the hottest fire,the color blue.Burn me up with more zeal,compassion,love and boldness to be the son of PAPA GOD YOU want me to be.Thank YOU HOLY SPIRIT for speaking to us and giving us a thirst for reading and studying Revelations and discernment to see the TRUTHS of YOUR word and what is going on around us.Thank YOU for LIGHTING up our friends and DARKENING our enemies.Mark us all PAPA,thank YOU.Teach us to sing to YOU,give us the sound of a laughing child,a humming mother,the confidence of a dad mixed with all the colors of  LIGHT,thank YOU.I cry out for more TRUTH in everything.I come in to agreement with everyone who agrees with this prayer.Thank YOU for blessing everyone who agrees with this prayer,who sends it on,who it is sent to,who sent it to me,who desires YOU with more HOLY SPIRIT,love and fear of YOU,ALMIGHTY LORD PAPA GOD.I pray in the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST,the SON of GOD.JESUS,YOU are LORD of my soul,heart,love and life.YOU are GOD and I adore YOU,I need more of YOU.Mark out YOUR path YOU want me on so I can walk to YOUR will and hearts desire.Please my FRIEND,if I ever try and get a head of YOU,stop me in love,but quickly.Thank YOU.Thank YOU for showing the roads of the enemy and teaching me to pray for snares,traps and pits for them to fall in.I pray right now that all traps,snares and pits future and present they have set they fall into themselves revealing their true nature,thank YOU.Thank YOU for showing us who son's everyone is,mark us all,YOU know the end results,more natural and Spiritual discernment to see and hear,bigger ears for listening to the HOLY SPIRIT,thank YOU. I worship YOU,JESUS,my LOVE,KING,GOD,LORD,FRIEND,MESSIAH,PROVIDER.JESUS is LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD !!!!!!!!!!!

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